Vocalist Jamie Davis holds a position amongst the pantheon of great male vocalists with a compelling full baritone voice and a passion for his craft that leaves his audiences uplifted and feelin’ good…really good. 

Jamie’s musical education began in the choir of his father’s Pentecostal Church in Mansfield, Ohio. His unique bass-baritone voice brought life to liturgical music sung in Latin. During his time in the US Army he sang not only memorable show tunes, but also a wide range of swing, jazz and blues for the Special Services elite group.


After studying under the renowned New York vocal coach Edward Boatner, he moved to San Francisco securing opportunities to perform with Milt Jackson, Eddie Henderson, Melba More and Pharoah Saunders. The year 2000 brought exhilarating performances with the Count Basie Orchestra. On that experience Davis reflects, “Having all that sound behind you is just amazing. You’ve got to ride that current.”

With a repertoire from Cole Porter to Stevie Wonder to the classical music of Bach, Schumann, Mahler and Rameau’s French compositions, confirms Davis possesses the flexibility and sexy sophistication by his effortless delivery to stand with any of the great vocalists. He has been described as a fine wine which has stood the test of time, constantly innovating jazz classics, ‘rolling out’ the blues and performing with one foot in the past and the other in ‘today.’

Unity Music Foundation

From Learners...To Legends

Independent record label and much more. Executive Producer, Sam Beler, had a dream after he heard the rich tones of vocalist Jamie Davis. Beler wanted to unite Jamie's amazing sound with his other passion; re-igniting the popularity of Big Band Jazz. 

Scotty Barnhart

Director of the Count Basie Orchestra

Internationally acclaimed Jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger, educator, and author now in his seventeenth year with the legendary Count Basie Orchestra. 

Through the years

"One of my favorite singers of old fashioned blues is Jamie Davis."

Sir Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael has been a catalyst in promoting the music of legendary and new artists on his radio and tv shows in the UK, Jamie being one of them.